Introducing roastier Roast

Lessons since childhood: you should always stay updated with the world. But come on, news is so boring!. And sensationalized news isn’t really news. So, let’s roast everything that’s happening! Because, roasting politicians and celebrities is our favorite thing


It’s your ONE-STOP Entertainment Destination. You will be amazed at the variety of words people write. Try it to see it. See it to believe it.

This is not a news portal

Yes we know, you must be thinking ‘ah another news app’. No! Do we sound like one? So ‘affairs’ is what you always talk about, and roasting them is next level fun. And people get offended easily. But here they won’t!

Non-objective, emotion-stirring content

Passively consuming news is a thing of the past. Wo khabarein hi kya, jispe hum react na kare. You will feel anger, roll over laughing, be empathetic to enemies, and much more. And when you have felt it from all the reading, write and express, AND become a popular Roaster.

We absorb 90% of visuals

Can’t emphasize enough the value of videos. Visual stories are the best, won't you agree? The plethora of videos here will be a treat for your boredom. You will never not know what the buzz is. So here we are *drumrolls* Introducing ROAST TV!

Home is where you are fed

This place satiates your need for entertainment and knowledge. You are updated with all kinds of trending topics, trends, and people’s thoughts. Explore and discover new interests. The Universe is limitless.

Our Users Speak

People who have tried roast, have loved it and hated it, but could not ignore it. Have a look.

  • “ Never had so much fun reading about current affairs and light-hearted content simultaneously, at one place. ”

    Abhinav Tripathi

  • " There are times when you just want to lie down and read stuff. I have laughed myself to sleep at night after scrolling through the roasts after a long day at work. "

    Arun Nariya

  • " The short posts are so easy to read and hilarious. The app is public, yet it feels personal and cosy. I write once in a while, but I love reading other people more."

    Shilpi Singh