Introducing Roast

Do you like writing, but not long texts? Do you like reading, but long articles are boring? If the wiring of your brain is a little twisted, if you want to feel all kinds of emotions at one place, then this app is for YOU!


You don't need to navigate through many websites to have fun reading people's thoughts and experiences. This is your ONE-STOP Entertainment Destination.

Entertainment in Short

Yes, we are banking on your posts and thoughts, But that's because we trust your witty head.
We KNOW what you write and share WILL let you experience all kinds of emotions together; laughter, rage, amusement, curiosity, awkwardness, political and what not.

You can be a Top Roaster!

We merely provide a platform for tedhe people to write medhe posts, for twisted people to write straight posts. It is YOU, who decides what entertains you the most.
On the basis of likes, we will have top roasters. The competition is ON. Strive to feature in the top ranks!

User Profile, obviously.

Like any celebrity, everyone will want to know more about you once your roasts start rocking.
You will have your own short, sweet and crisp user profile, which will hold the power to impress anyone, who visits your profile, in seconds.

Topics List

You will have several topics to talk about. You won't sit idle. You won't get bored. And to avoid confusion and not test your memory, you will have a page that shows all the live topics for the day, and the running topics from the previous day.
It is always more feasible if you have an index page, isn't it?

Our Users Speak

People who have tried roast, have loved it and hated it, but could not ignore it. Have a look.

  • " Interesting comments everywhere. I see so many things that I am capable of thinking but have never thought of, and then realize it's so true! "

    Abhinav Tripathi

  • " There are times when you just want to lie down and read stuff. I have laughed myself to sleep at night after scrolling through the roasts after a long day at work. "

    Arun Nariya

  • " The short posts are so easy to read and hilarious. The app is public, yet it feels personal and cosy. I write once in a while, but I love reading other people more."

    Shilpi Singh

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